Under the sky of clear faith

Today, students of the “Persian-Bosnian College” and students of the ninth grade of Elementary School “Đulistan” had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Under the sky of clear faith – Islam and Europe in the experience of Bosnia” organized by the Directorate for Education and Science of the Rijaset Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The exhibition covers the period from the Middle Ages to the present day, presented through 23 thematic units with 1,500 valuable exhibits: from photographs, works of art, calligraphic works to jewelry, folk costumes, items from private collections and several videos from 200 locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition is accompanied by the Monograph of the same name, printed on 783 pages, which contains 1,200 photographs, pictures, drawings, facsimiles of documents and descriptions of all exhibited exhibits in Bosnian and English.
“Under the Sky of Bright Faith” is the largest scientific research, educational and exhibition project so far, in which many cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina participated. It represents the two-year work of more than 100 prominent experts in the field of social sciences and humanities, as well as modern art, architecture and design in Bosnia and Herzegovina. scenes. The fund of the exhibition is of great importance as an incentive and contribution to the work of the future museum of Islamic culture and art, which is founded by the Islamic community.

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